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Member of the Quarter!

SSPI-WISE relies on the contributions of its members to innovate, evolve, and grow.  Every quarter, SSPI-WISE pays tribute to one of the most active volunteers among you by announcing them as Member of the Quarter. SSPI-WISE - Member of the Quarter award was established to provide recognition to an individual or team who has brought leadership and inspiration to the community throughout the quarter.  



Open to any SSPI-WISE members who are not in leadership positions.

To better highlight the contributions of members who may be supporting in less apical positions, those in leadership positions (working group chairs or executive committee) cannot be awarded.


Who can nominate:

We need your support in celebrating success together. Therefore help us identify and promote those who encourage activities promoting women in the space industry.

The nomination is open to all SSPI-WISE members.

Write your motivation with an open heart and mind - it rocks the world for the Awardee while reading it - Trust us!



Nominations are open to SSPI-WISE members here.



Nominations are open year round.  

Please submit your nomination by the following to be considered:

Q1: Sept 1 - Nov 30

Q2: Dec 1 - Feb 28/29

Q3: Mar 1 - May 31

Q4: Jun 1 - Aug30



SSPI-WISE leadership will vote on the winner.



The winner will be announced after the 15th of the following month.

Past Awardees

2024 Q1

2024 Q2

This can be you!

2024 Q3

This can be you!

2024 Q4

This can be you!